Business Talks: Leadership Spokane

Brian Newberry, president of Leadership Spokane, talks with Kent about his program and what they do in Spokane.

Joining Brian is upcoming senior at Gonzaga Prep, Annette Singleterry, and she he talks about why she joined Leadership Spokane.


Business Talks: Guests Kim Crompton, Linn Parrish; Journal of Business

Guests Kim Crompton, editor, and Linn Parrish, deputy editor, tell us about their experience working for the Spokane Journal of Business. They aim to go far in depth in news stories about business. They share with us how their close-knit team works, and how the rise of digital media has changed their business.

Kim & Linn -- JoB

Business Talks: Guest Rich Cowan, North by Northwest

Rich Cowan, former CEO of North by Northwest, talks about the production of Z-Nation, working with John Travolta, and about how he ran for office a few years back.

North by Northwest is a digital studio that makes stories come to life through film, video, and web.

Business Talks: Guest Joel Williamson; LINC Foods

Joel Williamson talks about LINC Foods, the accessibility of local foods, and the importance of supporting local farmers.,

Business Talks: Guest Patrick Devries; Devries Business Services

Patrick Devries shares the family history of Devries Business Services and the journey to the success they have now in the Pacific Northwest.


Business Talks: Guests Matt and Kim Davidson; Davidson Commodities

Siblings Matt and Kim Davidson return to discuss the growth and success of PNW Co-op Specialty Foods, Mighty Mustard, and share how much fun it can be to party with Lentils!

Matt and Kim own Davidson Commodities, a small family-owned business that is committed to preserving family farms with social and environmental responsibility.



Business Talks: Guest Brian N., Amy K., Leadership Spokane

Executive Director of Leadership Spokane, Brian Newberry, and Amy Knapton—Executive Director at the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery—are on Business Talks with Kent Adams!

Amy Knapton is a graduate of Leadership Spokane, talking with Kent and Brian about benefits of Leadership Spokane, the future, and stepping up to make a difference in community.


Business Talks: Guest Chelsea Maguire, Better Business Bureau

Ever had to deal with a scam? Or a company that wasn’t treating you fairly or legally? Chelsea Maguire is the Director of Communications at the Better Business Bureau. Reporting complaints, reviewing, and accrediting businesses. Listen to find out how to spot scams, or how to trust certain organizations.


Chelsea from the BBB (right) with Kent Adams on Business Talks (left)

Business Talks: Guest Linda Elkin, U.S Bank/Greater Spokane Incorporated

The Linda is the Regional President of U.S Bank in our area. She is also the first guest with Business Talks on Spokane Talks Online. She chats with Kent about:

  • Her journey to banking
  • What her position entails as Regional President in the community banking segment
  • Main objectives & initiatives of Greater Spokane Incorporated
  • Creating gateway downtown for entrepreneurs

Business Talks: Guests Mike Inman & Bob Davidson, Civil War at Deep Creek Reenactment Memorial Day Weekend

Mike and Bob are on Business Talks to discuss the upcoming Civil War reenactment that will be over Memorial Day Weekend this May. Full camps, two battles, and memorial service at end.

Hear the cannons, see the uniforms, feel the atmosphere that existed in 1860s.

Beyond a battle scene, Mike & Bob talk about the immense detail and authenticity that will go into this event. As well as the vast effort that is put into the reenactment to make it as educational as it can be.


Flyer for the event on Memorial Day Weekend being held down by and actual bullet from The Civil War given to Kent by Mike & Bob.