Let’s Talk – Paid Leave Issue

Let’s Talk – HUB Sports Center

Let’s Talk – Sean Owsley & Leslie Lowe



Let’s Talk Spokane:Guest Randy Shaw

Randy Shaw from Krem 2 News shares some of his stories along his journey to get where he is today. He tells of how he missed one of the biggest stories in U.S. history, his journey to Krem, and how much fun bloopers can actually be. He also shares a very special announcement……



Let’s Talk Spokane: Good Day Spokane; Guests Matt Rogers, Kjerstin Bell, and Robin Dich

Matt Rogers, Kjerstin Bell, and producer Robin Dich talk with Kent about the fun they have in the news studio. They share stories on pushups, how to be cool on TV, balancing work and home life, and the beauty of working together in the Pacific Northwest.

Let’s Talk Spokane: Rotary Day! Sat. May 30th, 12-4pm at Riverfront Park.

Meagan Garrett, from our Startup Spokane program, takes over for Kent to discuss a familiar topic of hers. Joined by Mike Payson, President of Spokane Valley Rotary Club; P.J Waters, President of Downtown Spokane Rotary Club; and Susie Greenwood, Executive Director of Downtown Spokane Rotary Club.

The topic is Rotary Day! Saturday, May 30 form 12-4pm, at Riverfront Park.

  • Free prizes
  • Live entertainment
  • Fountain at full blast
  • Ten Rotary Clubs
  • Free Carousel Rides

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Find more information at Spokane Area Rotary’s Facebook Page

Let’s Talk Spokane: Guest Gabe Cohen, KHQ

Young and upcoming reporter Gabe Cohen—for KHQ—is the newest guest on Let’s Talks Spokane! Like the previous episode with Rick Overton, Kent looks to truly take a look behind the scenes of Gabe’s life, and talk get an idea of his perspective on Spokane.

Let’s Talk Spokane: Guest Ryan Overton, KHQ

Joining Kent on another episode of Let’s Talk Spokane is KHQ’s Ryan Overton! Ryan talks Kent through his journey, and how he arrived in the city of Spokane. Kent looks to pick the mind of one of Spokane’s favorite weather forecasters.