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This show is created for the consumer. Our goal is to empower the consumer with information and education, thereby giving them the tools needed to make informed decisions when it comes to their real estate needs.


You might remember Ken, Host of Real Estate Radio with Ken Sax Sunday mornings on KXLY 920. His experience goes back to 1993 when he became a full time commercial real estate agent starting in CA. He made is way up to the Northwest and has continued his real estate career. Since moving to Spokane in 2003, Ken has been a Broker, Sales Manager & National Trainer for a large franchise.

Currently, Ken is the Firm’s Managing Broker and Productivity Coach for Keller Williams Spokane and a Washington State Certified Real Estate Instructor. Ken is passionate about education and believes one of a Realtor’s biggest jobs is to educate their clients so the CLIENT can make an informed decision. One of Ken’s favorite quotes is, “if you think education is expensive, try ignorance”

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Real Estate Radio: Guest Kelly Quinn

Kelly Quinn from Fidelity National Home Warranty visits and clarifies a few very important points for us. First of all, she explains exactly what a home warranty is and what it covers and doesn’t cover. She also goes over how important home inspections are and the confusion between the inspection and the home warranty.


Real Estate: Guest Rob Higgins, Spokane Real Estate Market Indicators

The Executive Vice President of the Spokane Association of Realtors, Rob Higgins, is on the show with Ken talking about: How the average consumer should look at real estate indicators.

Rob Higgins (left) and host Ken Sax (right) on Real Estate Radio

Real Estate: Ken and Kent, Introduction to Real Estate Radio

Kent Adams & Ken Sax talk about Ken’s real estate story, experience, and expertise.

Also discussed is the value that Ken’s Real Estate Radio show will provide to listeners on Spokane Talks Online. Other things that Kent and Ken cover is:

  • What the show is about
  • Why it’s important to educate yourself in real estate
  • Topics for future shows