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Spokane Talks Live: April 25th

Spokane Talks Live: April 24th

Today Kent talks with Sparky Taft with Dynamic Results and also discusses the 8th Annual SAR Open House event with Ken Sax and Marianne Bornhoft!

Spokane Talks Online LIVE: April 18th

Today Kent talks to Virginia Henderson about the walk for water event happening here in Spokane on April 22nd, also on the show is Andrew Rowles with DSP, and Dean Davis is here to talk about his photography career!

Spokane Talks Online Live: April 17th 2018

Spokane Talks Online LIVE April 11th

Today we’ll get a glimpse of whats happening with Steve Plaisance over at the NAB convention in Las Vegas, and Kent will be talking with Tom McArthur and Matt Jensen with the Davenport Hotel about the loss of John Reed the doorman at The Davenport Hotel for the last 75 years.