90: Currency

Would you invest in an alternative currency?


89: Historical Excuse

At what point does someone’s history excuse (or no longer excuse) their actions?


88: No Idea

How long do you allow a conversation to continue when someone obviously does not know what they are talking about?


87: Family

How do you define family?


86: Pain

Work through the pain, walk it off, or nurse yourself back to health?


85: Calculated Risk

Would a one-way trip to another planet be a brave adventure, a suicide mission, or something else entirely?


84: Letting Go

Where is the dividing line between forgive and forget?


83: They

Would English be improved by a set of commonly accepted gender neutral pronouns?


82: Sharing Sex Lives

Roommates and sex lives: what kind of rules have you set / do you set for your roommates bringing guests over?


81: Financial Opinions

Is how someone else handles their finances ever OK to comment on?